MEMBERSHIP 2017/18 (period of membership - 1 April to 31 March)

Persons wishing to become a full member are to go through a nomination process. Ask a committee member to take you through the process.


Full Member (Pennant) $130.00
Full Member (Non Pennant)  $ 55.00
 Recruitment Member (1st Year Pennant Bowler)  $102.50
 Social Member  $ 25.00
 Junior  $ 25.00

Membership Categories

Full Member (Pennant):

This membership category is for those who are joining with the purpose of playing Pennant Bowls.  The membership fee consists of $55.00 base membership, plus a $75.00 capitation fee, which is the fee charged to the Club by the Bowls Tasmania/BNW to register a player to play Pennant.  Full Members are entitled to vote at Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings of the Club, become office bearers or committee members of the Club, and to nominate and second applications for membership of the Club.

Full Member (Non Pennant):

This membership category is for those who are unable to play Pennant Bowls, so therefore the capitation fee component of the membership fee is not applicable.  If you are unable to play Pennant bowls, you are also not eligible to play Club Championships; otherwise, members still retain full membership rights as detailed above.

Recruitment Member:

This category is for first year bowlers playing their first season of Pennant Bowls.  Recruitment Members pay $27.50 base membership (50% of the Full base membership), plus a $75.00 capitation fee as in the Full Membership.  Recruitment Members are entitled to all rights as detailed under Full Membership.

Social Member:

Social Members are entitled to the use of the Club House in the same manner as any other member.   Social Members are only entitled to use the greens upon the payment of green fees or social bowls entry fees.  A Social Member is not entitled to play in any Pennant side or participate in any Club Championships.  There are no voting rights for Social Members, and Social Members are not permitted to hold any office or committee positions at the Club.

Junior Member:

Junior Members shall comply with the rules relating to Junior Bowlers as set by Bowls Australia, provided that they have attained the minimum age of ten (10) years at the date of membership being granted.  Junior Members are entitled to all the privileges of the Club except the right to vote at Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings.  On attaining the maximum age for Junior Bowlers as defined by Bowls Australia, current Junior Members all automatically become Full Members of the Club upon payment of the appropriate Full Member subscription fee.